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USB/Serial Converter

Connects ScienceWorkshop 500 and 750 serial interface to a computer via USB.

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The USB/Serial Converter is used to connect the serial port of the older ScienceWorkshop Interfaces to the USB port of the computer.

USB to serial adapters produced by other companies rely on constantly changing drivers that may or may not work well with a computer. PASCO’s USB/Serial Converter is specifically designed for use with the 300 (discontinued), 500 and 750 (discontinued) Interfaces.

Not only is the USB/Serial Converter easy to use, it boosts the performance of the 500 Interface significantly:

  • Increases continuous data sample rate by a factor of 8.
  • Increases the oscilloscope display refresh rate by 5 times, providing a near real-time oscilloscope for examining electrical circuits, sound waves and more.
  • Enables students to download a buffer of logged data (up to 17,000 data points!) in seconds (versus minutes using the serial connection). The maximum sample rate for the 500 interface remains 20,000 Hz.

PASCO also offers an adapter (CI-6748) if you need to use this converter with another interface.