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Wireless Current Sensor Module

For use with PASCO Modular Circuits, this module can be placed anywhere in a circuit and wirelessly transmits current data to your devices.

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The Wireless Current Sensor Module is designed for use with PASCO Modular Circuit sets. It can be placed anywhere in a circuit and provide current measurements at that point. 

Measure currents of up to 1 A and transmit the collected data wirelessly to your computers, Chromebooks, tablets or smart phones.

This sensor is included in the Modular Circuits for Essential Physics Set and is an optional accessory for the Basic Modular Circuits Set. In that set a multimeter may be used to collect voltage and current measurements or you can use our Wireless Current Sensor Module and/or our Wireless Voltage Sensor which can be used in conjunction with PASCO software for data collection and analysis, providing a deeper conceptual experience.

Note: Since current can only exist in a complete circuit, the Wireless Current Sensor must be part of that circuit in order to measure current. It is connected in series and has a very low resistance (0.1 Ω). For this reason we do not recommend connecting it directly across a battery or other voltage source without a resistive load.

The sensor includes an Overcurrent Alarm for protection against harmful current levels. The sensor must be turned on for this function to operate.