Here at Cider House Tech, we have the innovative products and real teaching experience to help you create that learning environment.

We’ve been working with leading publishers and drawing on our own experience teaching in real classrooms to develop comprehensive support for the practical investigations and depth studies in the new Senior Syllabus designs.

  • Comprehensive equipment bundles to support practical investigations in the senior sciences
  • Practical activities aligned to the new Senior Science Syllabuses
  • Free collections of practical investigations with teacher notes, and laboratory preparation
  • Supported by teachers with more than 30 years of real teaching experience
  • Digital resources aligned directly to leading texts
  • Wireless investigation tools for your students devices supporting your student’s depth studies
  • Software support for electronic logbooks and reporting

PASCO’s leading electronic measure solutions are just one small part of the many thousands of products we are proud to represent, distribute and develop. From advice on the best options, to our follow up service, resource and professional development Cider House Tech is your partner for the practical components of the new Senior Science Syllabuses.

Social media

For those of you on Facebook, you may be interested in joining the conversation on teaching the F-12 Science curriculum in Queensland schools on this new Facebook page “Awesome QLD Science Teachers”.

This has been set up by a Queensland teacher, for Queensland teachers, to share and collaborate and to support one another with the new science curriculum.

Pearson Senior Science – Webinar Recording

Pearson Publishing have now prepared a recording which you can access and download via this link (if it doesn’t work at school it hopefully will work for you from home!).

If you are unable to access via this link, please sit tight as a recording will be made available early Term 3 on the Pearson Queensland Senior Science marketing page. There are also samples of the Skills & Assessment workbooks available shortly. 

Cognitive verb toolkit

A great YouTube video from the QCAA emphasising the need to use the cognitive verbs.

Queensland Senior Science Equipment Lists

Mandatory Pracs for Physics
Mandatory Pracs for Biology
Mandatory Pracs for Chemistry

Need the risk assessments, lab notes and more? – contact us and we’ll be pleased to forward them for you