STEM Sense solutions help build early excellence in science and STEM education with cross-curricular investigations that empower young learners to build strong foundations in science, programming, and data literacy.

Coding with Sensor Solutions

Coding with Sensor Solutions

Explore the science, sensors, and code behind our digital world with STEM Sense Coding Kits.

Sense & Control Solutions

Empower students to become creators with our ready-to-use STEM Sense & Control Kits.

Block-Based Coding

STEM Sense components are programmed using Blockly, an intuitive block-based coding integration available in both SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone.

Introducing students to coding and computer-controlled outcomes is easier than ever before with Blockly coding. Included in SPARKvue 4 and Capstone 2, Blockly offers students a new world of experimental opportunities that focus on computational thinking and data visualization. Blockly’s visual coding environment is intuitively designed to facilitate the success of new coders, while strengthening the skills of more advanced learners.

Blockly’s colored coding blocks provide students with a visual method for developing strong coding foundations. The user-friendly design allows students to simply drag and connect coding blocks that correlate with syntactically correct coding elements such as variables, commands, and loops.

Blockly within SPARKvue and Capstone is compatible with all PASCO sensors and interfaces. When students combine PASCO sensors with Blockly, they are empowered to design and execute their very own sensor experiments. Students can create code that collects sensor measurements, reports data, or controls output devices such as the Smart Fan Accessory. As they execute their code, students can visualize their data using real-time graphical displays that assist with data visualization.

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