Since its foundation in 1960, Artec has been producing and distributing teaching materials and educational toys with this belief in mind: that fun is the first step in a lifelong love of learning.

The things we enjoy as children have a deep impact on our minds, how we grow up and the paths we choose later in life. The learning environment children grow up in today is evolving rapidly as the continued development of computer technology places STEAM-centric subjects like programming, robotics, IoT and AI at the forefront in nurturing 21st-century skills. In this era, we feel that the type of learning materials children can hold in their hands, experiment with, and experience for themselves are more important than ever.

At Artec, we aim to develop learning materials with an emphasis on interactivity, hoping to encourage the creativity children need to become the innovators and inventors of the future. Our goal is to provide the materials for enjoyable, deeply engaging learning experiences that will help today’s children grow into adults who will enrich and improve the world they live in.

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