SPARKlabs are complete science activities designed for use with the SPARKvue software. Each lab contains the background information, materials & setup instructions, and data collection all in one place as well as prompts for students to answer questions, make predictions and analyse their results throughout.

A central design theme of SPARKscience is the integration of the scientific process with the learning process, and SPARKlabs are the ultimate example of this integration.

SPARKlabs are educator-designed interactive lab activities that guide students through the process of inquiry and investigation, promoting critical thinking and group discussion.

Think of a SPARKlab as a modern, highly interactive lab notebook—fully contained on your computer or on a SPARK Science Learning System. Then add on “guide on the side” support embedded throughout the investigation process

Add completely seamless data collection and analysis tools.

The result? Everything you need in one place to keep students focused on learning.

Each SPARKlab includes:

  • A background science content
  • A setup guidance
  • A seamless integration with data collection and analysis
  • A embedded assessment and reflection prompts

What’s more, you can even edit SPARKlabs or author your own using the SPARKlab authoring tools. Modify exactly to suit the needs of your state, district, or classroom.

There are over 60 original PASCO SPARKlabs (available for download below) in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics as well as SPARKlabs designed specifically for Middle and Primary school students.