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Wireless Spectrometer (VIS)

Measure intensity, absorbance, transmittance across the visible spectrum, and fluorescence at 405nm and 500nm.

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The award-winning PASCO Wireless Spectrometer is specifically designed for introductory chemistry, biology, and physics labs. It pairs effortlessly with student devices (Mac®/Win®, Chromebook™, iPad® and Android™ tablets) via Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) or USB and includes free PASCO Spectrometry Software for easy operation. Scan times are fast, ranging from milliseconds to minutes depending on the required settings. This enables students to quickly gather absorbance spectra across the visible spectrum. After specifying a target wavelength, students can select a display to study concentrations (Beer’s Law), track rates of reactions (kinetics), or investigate emission spectra using the optional Fiber Optic Cable accessory.


  • Spectral scans from 390 to 950 nm
  • Fluorescence excitation at 405 nm and 500 nm
  • Intuitive, software-based operation
  • Built-in tools for routine analyses
  • Two-click (light/dark) brightness calibration
  • NEW Frequency calibration ensures accuracy for the life of the unit
  • Clear marks indicate light source and detector location for proper cuvette positioning