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Renewable Energy Bundle

Investigate key concepts around energy transformation and efficiency. Sensors included.

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This bundle includes the Renewable Energy Kit and two sensors. Students can investigate key concepts around energy transformation and factors that affect the efficiency of wind turbines and solar (photovoltaic) cells. The setup is easy and can be done in the classroom or lab for fast results. 

Using PASCO sensors for voltage and current, students can explore the following concepts: 

  • Effect of angle, light intensity, and temperature of solar cell output 
  • Calculating solar cell and wind turbine efficiency 
  • The effect of number of blades, length, pitch, and shape on wind turbine power output 
  • Energy transformation, power curves, and efficiency 

After exploring these concepts, students will be challenged to create a design for either solar or wind power that maximizes energy output under a given set of conditions. This is a great way to leverage the knowledge they’ve acquired for an engineering design challenge and bring STEM into your classroom.