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Biology Starter Bundle

This Starter Bundle easily integrates into any lab to provide innovative, in-depth coverage of core biology topics.

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The Biology Starter Bundle provides an affordable method for integrating sensors into biology labs for increased student engagement and science literacy. These sensors generate live data for critical biological concepts such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, enzyme activity, buffers, homeostasis, and more. Students simply connect their device to their sensor(s) using SPARKvue software or the app, select their data display preference, and begin collecting live data that they can view, manipulate, and analyze anytime. These sensors include built-in memories, enabling them to collect and store data for long-term experiments that span days, weeks, or longer. Given this flexibility, biology classes now can track real-life phenomena in a way that is realistic and meaningful to students. 

This bundle is backed by PASCO engineering and a full, 5-year warranty so you can make your purchase with confidence.