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Comprehensive 850 Physics System

This product includes a complete set of physics labs and equipment designed for use with the 850 Universal Interface and PASCO Capstone software.

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The 850 Comprehensive Physics System consists of 83 experiments and all the equipment and sensors needed to perform these experiments. The experiments cover topics, such as mechanics, waves, optics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. The included experiment manual contains instructions written in Word, a PASCO Capstone electronic workbook, and sample data.

The key to a successful lab is a PASCO Capstone electronic workbook. These workbooks have step-by-step instructions with live, embedded displays, such as graphs, FFTs, oscilloscopes, and meters. They contain the theory, experiment set-up, procedure, data analysis, and questions designed to get the students to think about their results. These electronic workbooks can be easily modified by teachers to fit their individual needs.