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Ward’s® Mystery at 323 Maple Street Forensic Simulation

Students use observational and analytical skills to find out “Whodunit.” A crime has been committed at 323 Maple Street, and your class is the team of investigators assigned to find out where the crime took place, if the criminal acted alone, and even the type of clothing worn by each suspect.

• Grades 6-12 • Real World Case Based Scenario • Combination of 6 Activities

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They’ll hone their observational, comparative, and laboratory skills by analyzing six separate bodies of evidence including blood, animal and human hair, fingerprints, fibers, and mystery powder. In the process, they should discover the guilty party. It comes with materials for 12 setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.

Materials included:
Stamp Pad
Magnifying lens
Dropper pipettes (plastic)
Hair sample set (dog, cat, rat, rabbit)
Fiber sample set (Rayon, Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon)
Simulated blood
Colored water
Spot plates
Iodine stain
Phenolphthalein solution
NaOH, 1%
Mounting media
Evidence envelopes
Evidence bags
Calcium carbonate
Calcium sulfate
Magnesium sulfate
Sodium bicarbonate
Labels for slides / envelopes
Literature, Student Study Set / Teacher’s Notes