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Model 100FL Special

Robust low-priced student monocular microscope with achromatic par focal DIN standard objectives mounted on revolving nosepiece and vertical stage with stage clips. Eyepiece tube is mounted at a 45 degree angle for comfortable viewing. Wide-field eyepiece with built-in pointer makes it easy to point out particular specimen details (Mechanical stage is sold separately).

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Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x Optical head: Monocular Objectives: Standard achromatic objectives                         4x achromatic N.A. 0.10                         10x achromatic N.A. 0.25 40x achromatic N.A. 0.65 (spring front) Eyepiece: 10x, wide-field Condenser: N.A. 0.65 Diaphragm: Iris diaphragm for continuous adjustment of brightness and contrast. Illumination: 230V/20W. Built into base. Focus: Coarse and fine adjustment. Slide protection: Built-in adjustable stopper to prevent accidental damage to either the specimen or the objective front lens. Complete with dust cover