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Eisco® Human Heart and Lungs Model

Dissectible model with 5 removable parts for viewing internal anatomical structures.

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  • 3-dimensional model of human lungs, heart, and larynx
  • Model features 5 removable parts
  • Flat mounted on base
  • Hand painted
  • Includes numbered key card
Premium quality anatomical model of human lungs, heart, and larynx. Model features five removable parts. Heart can be removed and separated into two parts, right side lung can be removed for a cross section view, and larynx can be removed and separated to view internal structures. Realistic textures make this model an excellent tool for educational study, as well as for patient demonstrations. Made of durable, sturdy, and washable plastisol polymer, this replica will withstand long term use and handling. Model features artisan hand painted details and numbers, and includes a key card for identifying structures.