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Triple Timer

The Lascells Millisecond Triple Timer provides all the facilities required for dynamics timing. The three modes of operation are activated by START and STOP switch contacts (4mm sockets) or by using Lascells Light Gates which plug in directly, hence requiring no additional power supplies.

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Mode 1. Uses one light gate or a switch across the START sockets (either normally open or normally closed contacts). Timing starts when the switch is operated and stops when it is returned to normal. This would measure the time taken for a card to pass through a light gate for example.
Mode 2. Uses activation of the START sockets to initiate timing and activation of the STOP sockets to stop the timing. Two light gates could be used in place of switches. This could be used to find how long a trolley takes to descend a ramp.
Mode 3. Uses both the start and stop sockets or two light gates. The time taken to pass through gate 1 is recorded, then the time taken to pass through gate 2 is measured and finally the time taken to move from gate 1 to gate 2 is measured. All three times are displayed. This could be used to measure the speed at the top and bottom of a ramp with the time taken to change – all the readings needed for measuring acceleration.
The unit is housed in a robust aluminium case and is supplied with a mains plug-top, low-voltage power supply.


Product code: S300-820