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//code.Node Solution Set

The //code.Node Solution Set provides everything educators need for students to learn and apply fundamental coding concepts to programming devices.

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The //code.Node Solution set provides everything educators need to seamlessly integrate it into their STEM courses. It includes:

  • The Essential Coding to Learn, Fundamentals of Coding with the //code.Node Board Book
  • A //code.Node and removable holder
  • Coding with Blockly Video Support
  • And the Essential Coding to Learn Teacher Manual (digital version)

Every Solution Set includes one //code.Node and a removable holder.

The Essential Coding to Learn student board book provides an introduction on 5 measurable science phenomena that may be explored while developing 10 basic standards-based coding concepts. Each science phenomena is explained through pictures and real-life examples. Foundational coding concepts are developed and used to explore the science phenomena.  For example, as students learn about magnetism and magnetic poles, they create a magnetic field indicator while developing an understanding of Boolean logic, collecting and transforming data, and exploring conditionals.

Each investigation follows our “learn to code, code to learn” model by introducing a key coding concept, related phenomena, and then asking students to apply it using the //code.Node and Blockly coding.

The (5) five main science phenomena explored in the //code.Node Board Book include:

  • Magnetism and magnetic poles
  • Probability, motion and random number generators
  • Properties of light and night lights
  • Temperature and efficiency
  • Sound and sound activated devices

The (10) ten standards-based foundations of coding and computational thinking include:

  • Understanding Boolean logic
  • Developing algorithms
  • Collecting and transforming data
  • Creating and utilizing loops and iterations
  • Developing nested loops
  • Using random integers and absolute value blocks
  • Applying conditionals
  • Designating code output functions
  • Incorporating existing code into original programs
  • Creating and coding with variables

The accompanying online Essential Coding to Learn Teacher Manual provides detailed step-by-step instructions, sample code and challenging questions aligned to state and national science and computer science standards for the 5 phenomena to be explored with teacher tips and answer keys.  The manual also provides 5 additional opportunities to extend your coding knowledge by exploring:

  • Sound levels and intensity
  • Two-dimensional acceleration
  • Body temperature and measurement

While developing more advanced skills in coding to include:

  • Computer graphics coordinates
  • Compound conditionals
  • Nested loops
  • Decomposing problems and incorporating feedback
  • Adapting algorithms to solve computational problems

Essential Coding to Learn includes Video Support with online how-to videos and demonstrations available to help you find immediate solutions to all your Blockly questions.

With the //code.Node Solution Set, there are no wires or small components. The //code.Node’s six sensor inputs and four device outputs eliminate the need for breadboards or soldering, allowing students to spend less time building and more time engaging with STEM coding concepts.

The //code.Node Solution Set brings your students’ code beyond the screen to the real world. From code-driven science investigations to student innovations like the “anti-theft device”,  //code.Node activities help young learners understand the digital world around them.