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Kids to the MAX!

After School Program: To the Max Kids 8 Week Heart Rate Program

The online course is for any individual seeking to become a Certified Heart Zones Youth Fitness Instructor, CHZT Youth Fitness Instructor.

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This course and course work is for the Heart Zones Training, HZT, youth fitness certification called Kids to the MAX!

The online course is for any individual seeking to become a Certified Heart Zones Youth Fitness Instructor, CHZT Youth Fitness Instructor. This certification entitles you to teach individuals HZT, the Heart Zones Training system. You will learn how to write cardiovascular training, CVT programs, and how to design and write cardiovascular workouts and training plans for your clients. There are no prerequisites.

HZ Youth Fitness Instructor Course Materials:

  • A new heart rate monitor, The BLINK 1A heart rate monitor watch
  • Certified Heart Zones Training Manual – approximately 168 pages.
  • Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook to Heart Zones Training by Sally Edwards
  • A Sub Max Test Packet
  • To the Max! 3 hour high def DVD by Sally Edwards
  • The Foundation Seminar for Everyone booklet titled The SYLLABUS
  • Two one-half hour telephone conference with MHZT, Master Heart Zones Trainer, Mandy LeBlanc, who will contact you and provide you with educational support.

CEUs, Continuing Education Units, for ACE, AFAA, and ACSM are available

In this course, you will learn:

  • Part 1-Introduction to Youth Fitness
  • Overview of the Kids to the MAX Program
  • Facts on the State of Youth Fitness in the United States
  • Scientific Studies of Interest/Group Discussion
  • Kids are not Mini-Adults
  • Three Goals of Youth Fitness

Part 2-Heart Zones Training Foundations

  • All About Maximum Heart Rate
  • Objectives
  • The Heart Rate Monitor Tool
  • Maximum Heart rate Tests
  • The 5 Zones
  • All About the Zones
  • Heart Rate Terms
  • Ambient Heart Rate Activity
  • Delta Heart Rate Activity
  • Recent Research Findings
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Workouts

Part 3-Testing

  • Appropriate All-Out Maximum Testing
  • All-Out Tests
  • Calculating the 5 Heart Zones
  • The 3 Steps Worksheet
  • Set Training Goals
  • Perceived Rate of Exertion (RPE)
  • Youth RPE
  • Safety in Testing and Training

Part 4-The Program

  • Greetings Youth Instructors!
  • General Guidelines
  • Kids to the MAX! Weekly Activities
  • Additional Activities

Part 5-Teaching Principles

  • 10 Tips on Maximum and Threshold Heart Rates
  • The Language of the Zones
  • Teaching Using Heart Zones Training System
  • The 5 Parts of a Cardiovascular Workout
  • The 10 Heart Zones Training Rules
  • Implementation-The Seven Steps to Success

Part 5-Strategies

  • Leading a Kids to the MAX! Workshop
  • Bring a Heart Zones Event to Your Club of Organization
  • Annual Heart Zones Showcase: New Programs and New Certifications
  • Continuing Education

Certified Youth Fitness Instructor Manual