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Zoomstereomicroscope trinocular 7-45x

Trinocular zoomstereomcroscope with continuously variable magnification between 7x and 45x. The stereomicroscope has fine, sharps optics and solid mechanics. The eyepieces has a large aperture and provide an extra-wide field of vision ans sharp, high contrast images at all magnifications. Optical head with 45°  inclination for viewing comfort and eyepieces with both interpupillary and dioptric adjustments. Trinocular tube for attachment of e.g. an eyepiece camera such as 078115. The stereomicroscope is supplied with an eyepiece adapter (23 mm opening) that makes it possible to use eyepiece cameras. Large stable stand with a flat base that is easy to work with. Built-in LED light that is continuously variable and can be adjusted separately for both light sources. The stereomicroscope is very easy and comfortable to use among other things because of the abillity to optimize the magnification to the observed object. Very suitable for agriculture and forestry, geology, biology, archaeology and in all advanced teaching as well as for quality inspection and other industral applications.

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Optical head:     Trinocular Magnification:    7x – 45x continuously variable Eyepeices:        10x WF / 20 mm Field of view:     30-4.4 mm in diameter  Illumination:                           – Top:        LED                           – Bottom:     LED                           – Top and bottom light are continuously variable and can be adjusted separately. Magnification can be modified to 3.5x to 180x with accessories (not included). An extra light source (e.g. the LED ringlight 078525) is recommended for magnifications above 45x or if a camera is used on the trinocular tube. The stereomicroscope can be upgraded with various accessories (not included) such as 20x eyepieces, auxillary lenses, darkfield condenser, CCD adaper and micrometer eyepiece. Complete with eyepiece adapter, white semi transparent stage plate, black/wite stage plate, eyecups and dust cover.