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Ward’s® Muscle Types Model Set

The three-model set displays the differences between cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle structures.

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  • Durable Plastic Resin Construction
  • Each Model Has Individual Reference Key
  • Models Mounted on Individual Bases

The cardiac muscle cell, enlarged 1500 times, is dissected to display syncytial fiber arrangement and Purkinje cells; the skeletal muscle, enlarged 1000x, shows the union with both and tendon, and sarcolemma; and the smooth muscle, enlarged 2500x, exhibits the capillary and motor end plate of the autonomic nerve. All models are cross sectioned to display myofibrils.

The associated nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, cell nuclei, and nerve endings are also illustrated. Each model in this set is a three-dimensional depiction of the muscle fibers students observe on microscope slides, and each is made from durable plastic resin for years of classroom use. The models are mounted on individual bases.