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UV-Vis Spectrometer

Highly accurate spectrometer with broad range, ultraviolet through visible light illumination for detailed spectroscopic techniques in chemical structure and concentration determination.

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The SE-3607 is an easy-to-use, wide range UV-Vis spectrometer that delivers fast, accurate and reliable performance for routine analyses in chemistry and biochemistry teaching labs. With USB connectivity and cross-platform Spectrometry Software, the PASCO UV-Vis Spectrometer improves collaboration between lab members, enabling data collected on a computer or laptop to be analyzed on tablets, iPads, and Chromebooks. Additional accessories, such as the Quartz Fiber Optic Cable Set, can be used to extend the spectrometer’s capabilities for the analysis of emission spectra, light sources, and the classification of lasers.


  • Spectral scans from 180 to 1050 nm
  • Intuitive, software-based operation
  • Built-in tools for routine analyses
  • One-click light and dark calibrations
  • Clear marking to indicate proper cuvette positioning

What’s Included

1x Semi-Microvolume Cuvettes (Qty. 10)
1x Cuvette Rack
1x USB-A to USB-B Cable
1x External AC Adapter, 24 V Power Supply