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Coding with Sensor Technologies Kit

This complete STEM coding kit includes everything educators need to begin teaching students about coding with real-world sensor technologies using the //code.Node’s sensors, lights, and sounds.

  • 1x //code.Node
  • 1x //code.Node Holder
  • 1x Painted Bar Magnet (Pair)
  • 1x Color-Printed Booklet of Student Activities
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The Coding with Sensor Technologies Kit introduces students to coding and includes ten hands-on investigations that explore science phenomena using the //code.Node’s programmable sensors, lights and sounds.

Block-Based Coding

Blockly simplifies the programming process for new coders. Visual coding blocks connect like puzzle pieces to help students master the basics of programming, without having to worry about their syntax.


Wireless and easy-to-use, the //code.Node includes six sensor inputs, a speaker, RGB light, and an LED array that enables students to explore exciting phenomena using block-based programs that collect, display, and respond to data.