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Tellurium, with light

This demonstration model shows the rotation of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun, correctly geared to show their positions month by month.

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Rotate the model and see the Earth orbiting the Sun, the Moon orbiting the Earth and the Earth rotating on its own axis. Light from the sun down to Earth to mimic night and day, the seasons, eclipses and create shadows. Move the miniature models of the Earth and Moon on the elliptical orbit to provide an accurate demonstration of the phases of the moon, as well as show why eclipses do not occur every month.

Subjects for investigation: Day and night. The movement of the sun across the sky. The duration/length of daylight. Shadows. The phases of the moon. The crescent moon from different latitudes. Eclipses of the Moon and the Sun. Use of sundial and gnomon. Tide and tidal wave.


Tellurium with accessories, two sizes of the Earth and the Moon,

Self-adhesive model person, sundial, date, eclipse and moon phase indicator card, mains adapter.

Teacher’s guide with suggestions for activities.

Size: 65 cm long and 25 cm high
Earth ø 12 cm, moon ø 1.9 cm