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Static Equilibrium

Study the forces and torques for a hanging sign in static equilibrium.

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There are two requirements for an object to be in static equilibrium:
The sum of the torques is zero.
The sum of the forces is zero.

An object is hung from a horizontal meter stick which is suspended from a vertical rod by a string.

Summing the torques, the equation is solved for the tension in the string. The tension in the string is also measured directly with the Wireless Force Sensor.

By summing the forces, the force at the pivot is determined.

Teaching Advantage
The PASCO Pivot has a built-in level to make it easy to tell when the meter stick is horizontal. The Wireless Force Sensor gives a direct reading of the tension in the string.

The sum of the torques is zero.
The sum of the forces is zero.
The force of the weight of the meterstick acts at its center of mass.

What’s Included
1x Meter Stick Torque Mass Hanger Set (ME-7035)
1x Pivot (ME-7034)
1x Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor (PS-3202)
1x Hooked Mass Set (SE-8759)
1x Large Table Clamp (ME-9472)
1x Stainless Steel Rod, 90 cm (ME-8738)
1x Stainless Steel Rod, 25 cm Threaded (ME-8988)
1x Multi-Clamp (ME-9507)
1x Aluminum Meter Stick