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Coupled Pendulum

Coupled pendula exchange oscillation energy.

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Two pendula are coupled by a spring. This system has two natural modes:
The two pendula swing in phase with each other.
The two pendula swing 180 degrees out of phase.

When one of the pendula is held at rest and the other is set oscillating, the energy of the oscillating pendulum is transferred to the other pendulum by the spring. The period of the energy transfer can be predicted and verified by experiment.

Teaching Advantage
The Wireless Rotary Motion Sensors easily record the motion of the two pendula and PASCO Capstone has a Multi-coordinate Tool that can line up the zero of one pendulum with the maximum amplitude of the other pendulum.

Resonant Modes of Oscillation
Period of Transfer of Oscillation Energy between Coupled Pendula

What’s Included
2x Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor (PS-3220)
2x Pendulum Accessory (ME-8969)
1x Longitudinal Wave Spring (WA-9401)
1x Large Table Clamp (ME-9472)
2x Stainless Steel Rod, 60 cm Threaded (ME-8977)
1x Multi-Clamp (ME-9507)