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Ray Optics Laser System

Designed for simple and clear demonstrations of geometric optics principles. A complete system for a very large number of experiments.

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This demonstrations optics set uses a Laser Ray Box that has bright, well-defined rays because it uses lasers rather than an incandescent light source. The Laser Ray Box projects five parallel laser beams onto any flat surface. It contains five 1 mW diode lasers (wavelength 635 nm). The laser beams are spread out into clearly visible lines by cylindrical lenses inside the box.

The ray box has a magnetic back for mounting on any steel board. The unit is powered by an included AC adapter.

This exceptional optics set includes six magnetically-backed templates that have guidelines showing where to put components to perform different demonstrations, including:

  • Modeling the human eye and eyeglasses
  • How a camera works
  • Two types of telescopes
  • Spherical aberration
  • Refraction and reflection

Each component has a magnetic backing for mounting on any steel board.