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Precision Switched Power Supply

Two precision full specification power supplies for the school laboratory with unrivalled advantages in terms of design and electrical specification. See S100-905 for the variable version.

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Up to 8A DC, switched or variable but, most importantly, constant, regulated DC voltage regardless of load. Combine this with a simple to adjust maximum voltage limiter, automatic overload protection, digital voltage readout and a compact, lightweight case and you have the perfect power supply in a truly space saving package.

• Regulated DC output. Set the voltage to the value required as displayed on the built-in panel meter and the supply will maintain this no matter what you connect to the terminals.
• Maximum voltage limiter. Use an Allen key through the front panel to set the dial to the highest voltage you want your students to use. The main control will then work as normal up to this value but if a higher voltage is tried there will be no increase.
• Digital panel meter showing the DC output being used at all times
• Automatic over-current protection. If more than 8A is used the output voltage reduces to zero. Normal output is restored once the current is reduced. No resetting required.
• Additional AC 6V and 12V (unregulated) are provided at 1.5A max for AC work such as transformer investigations. This can be used in parallel with the DC output.
• Switched or Variable? The same quality and facilities are available as either continuously variable DC. or switched output. Whichever you prefer.
• Compact design. Easy to store, easy to carry around, more space left on the bench. At only 2.2kg each and measuring only 125 x 175 x 230mm four supplies will fit in a single storage tray. A real space saving solution.
• Robust, powder-coated steel case with integral plastic handle and removable mains lead
• Clear simple controls with illuminated front-panel mains switch

INPUT: 90-265V a.c. 50/60Hz
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 0 to 15V d.c. continuously variable
Fully smoothed and regulated
Max voltage variation with load current 2%
Max ripple at full current 300mV
6V and 12V a.c. unregulated.
OUTPUT CURRENT: 8A d.c. max. 6A continuous
1.5A a.c. max.
VOLTAGE LIMITER: Front panel Allen key adjust.
CURRENT PROTECTION: Electronic automatic d.c.
Thermal automatic a.c.
DISPLAY: Digital output d.c. only.

Product code: S100-906