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Model 40C

The stereo microscopes from model 40 series are very similar to the model 30 series (077025-26). There are, however, some extra features that make it an ideal choice for more demanding users. It is slightly larger because it contains larger prisms and thus improved optics. The top and bottom illumination can be used simultaneously and the top light source is equipped with a halogen bulb The optical head rotates 360° for convenient viewing and the magnification is changed via a 90° rotating turret. The model 40 comes in two variants that only differs with regards to the magnification. The model 40C has 20x and 40x magnification.

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Magnification: 20x/40x Maximum field of view: 10 mm Ø Objectives: 2x/4x in 90° rotating turret Eyepieces: 10x wide-field with 16 mm aperture Illumination: Top: 12V/10W, halogen   Bottom: 12V/10W, tungsten Power source: 230V Complete with dust cover, frosted glass stage plate and black/white stage plate.