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Melting Point Apparatus

The Melting Point Apparatus allows chemistry students to quickly and accurately determine a substance’s melt point for classic organic chemistry lab exercises.

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Product Summary
Melting point is an important property for determining the identity and purity of compounds, which is the primary focus of many college synthetic chemistry labs. The built-in 3x magnifying eyepiece allows students to observe the melting process easily. You can add a USB eyepiece camera (SE-6215-sold separately) to record the process for real time viewing on a larger screen in all our software or for replaying the time synched images (in chemvue/capstone) for a more confident determination. The variable ramp rates allow you to quickly raise the sample temperature in the software before tailing off near melting and the hold temp command ensures all substances reach a uniform temperature without surpassing the melting event. Software then allows the user to choose a timed ramp to control the rise through the melting point and accurately note the melting temperature before the cooling fan quickly restores the heating block to room temperature. Additional commands allow the user to start and stop the image collection at controlled rates when wanted.

Quick ramp: max temperature raise to melting point. Tail off rate is applied near target to prevent mp overshoot.
Hold: ensures system temperature is uniformly close to melting point before proceeding.
Prompt: requests permission to continue to ensure student is ready to observe in detail.
Start Image Capture (in Capstone and chemvue): controls capture rate from 5 seconds.
Ramp: allows user to set a slower warming rate through melt point for improved accuracy.
Stop Image Capture: turns off periodic capture at goal temperature or record is stopped.

What’s Included
1x 110 – 220v power source
1x 3 x viewing eyepiece
1x Melt point determination tubes (pkg 100 count)
1x Cool down fan
1x 50 W heating unit for precise temperature control
1x Variable rate heating control profile in PASCO software (available separately)
1x 3 sample holding block for controlled heating