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Microscope Prepared Slide Set, Kingdoms Survey

Algae, Fungus, Plant, Invertebrate, and Onion root tip meiosis slides. Calibration slide for setting scale.

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Great set of slides which gives students an overview or survey of cell types for any Biology or life science classes. Professionally stained and mounted prepares students for further slide preparation on their own but these make the initial study of cellular features optimally visible. Great to go with standard microscopes (SE-6213) or units already on hand in your schools supply.

1x Prokaryote and Eukaryote example
1x Lichen (algae and fungus example)
1x Elodea leaf (plant example)
1x Earthworm cross section (invertebrate example)
1x Onion root tip (plant in mitosis example)
1x 1 mm, 100 division calibration slide