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KIMSeattle Forensic Facial Reconstruction Single Kit

This authentic laboratory is intended to expose middle through high school age students to careers where art and science intersect.

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  • Based on real-life historical events
  • Provided in a single kit or a set of eight
  • Includes literature, slide decks and lectures

Students will develop an understanding of how facial reconstruction can aid in the identification of skeletal remains of missing persons or archaeological discoveries. Students explore the cooperative roles of forensic facial artist/sculptors and paleo-anthropologists. This comprehensive kit is based on the engaging recent real-life discovery of King Richard III’s remains. Students put a face on history while learning cranial anatomy (bones, craniometric landmarks, facial muscles and other structures).

Delivery information: Single kit includes: (1) Reusable skull with tissue depth marker pegs, Clay, tools, materials for single lab kit, (1) Storage container, (1) Single kit users guide (printed), (1) Student protocol (printed).
8-station kit comes ready with everything you need to conduct an 8-station lab and includes: (8) Reusable skulls with tissue depth marker pegs, Clay, tools, materials for 8 lab groups, (1) Clay roller, (8) Storage containers, (1) Slide deck with lecture notes (pre-loaded jump drive), (1) Comprehensive teacher’s guide (printed), (8) Student protocols (printed).
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