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High Speed Rotating Mirror

High speed ball bearings allow this to rotate from 100 to 1,000 rev/sec.

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The High Speed Rotating Mirror is used in PASCO’s Complete Speed of Light Apparatus (OS-9261A) and Basic Speed of Light Apparatus (OS-9262). This mirror is also available separately for do-it-yourself experiments. Shown in use with Optics track – not included.

The High Speed Rotating Mirror comes with its own power supply and digital display. The mirror is flat to within 1/4 wavelength. It’s supported by high speed ball bearings, mounted in a protective housing, and driven by a DC motor with a drive belt. A plastic lock-screw lets you hold the mirror in place during the alignment procedure.

An optical detector and the digital display provide measurements of mirror rotation to within 0.1% or 1 rev/ sec. The display and the controls for mirror rotation are on the front panel of the power supply. Rotation is reversible and the rate is continuously variable from 100 to 1,000 rev/sec. In addition, holding down the MAX REV/SEC button will bring the rotation speed quickly to its maximum value at approximately 1,500 rev/sec.