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General Biology Slides

A collection of biological subject slides to explore

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  • Identifying features clearly distinguishable
  • Rigorous quality control standards

An excellent selection of slides for general biology courses enclosed in a durable storage box.

Set includes Penicillium (wm); mushroom anatomy (ls); spirogyra (wm); pediastrum (wm), typical bacteria forms (sm); moss, antheridial head (ls); pine life history (cs & ls); onion root tip mitosis (ls); lilium stem (cs); lilac leaf (cs); mixed pollen (wm); lily ovary (cs); Paramecium caudatum (wm); Amoeba proteus(wm); sponge spicule strew (wm); hydra (wm); planaria (wm); letter “”e”” (wm); Trichinella spiralis in muscle (sect); daphnia (wm); hyaline cartilage (sect); skeletal muscle (cs & ls); frog blood (sm); human blood (sm); human adult skin (sect).
25 slides