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Biology Starter Lab Station

This Starter Lab Station includes the wireless temperature, pressure, pH and carbon dioxide sensors used to perform key activities from the Essential Biology Lab Manual.

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The Biology Starter Lab Station makes it easy and affordable to begin using sensor-based technology in your biology classroom or home. To get you started, the Starter Lab Station includes the wireless sensors used to perform 10 biology labs. These ten explorations range from the cellular to organismal level and investigate processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, enzymatic activity, membrane permeability and osmosis. Students can also investigate cell size, body regulation, and the impacts of environmental factors on reaction rates and organism responses.

Also available to teachers who create their login at are the digital labs found in the Essential Biology and Advanced Biology Through Inquiry manuals. Available separately is the Biology Extension Lab Station (EB-6335) which, when combined with the Biology Starter Lab Station, comprises all the wireless sensors used to perform all 44 labs inside the Biology Through Inquiry manual, plus many of the lab activities found in PASCO’s Advanced Biology through Inquiry lab manual. Once comfortable, you can explore our growing set of over 67 biology labs in our online experiment library!