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Basic Optics Light Source

An all-in-one bright point source, illuminated crossed-arrow object, primary-color source, and ray box with up to five parallel rays.

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The Basic Optics Light Source is an excellent source for a variety of optics experiments. A single 10-watt quartz-halogen bulb provides bright, easy-to-see illumination without a lot of heat. By turning the box to a different side, it becomes a:

  1. Crossed Arrow Object with Metric Scale: ideal for showing images, focal point, and magnification.
  2. Bright Point Source: The very small filament of the halogen bulb provides an excellent point source for experimenting with shadows or the Inverse Square Law.
  3. Three Primary Colors Source: The red, green, and blue filters provide three rays of light that are easily combined with a lens for color mixing.
  4. One, Three or Five Ray Sources: Just rotate the knob in front of the light source to vary the number of rays produced.