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Three-phase generator set

This kit serves as a model of an alternator. The kit consists of two parts, an induction unit with three coils and a round magnet, as well as a variable motor unit that rotates the round magnet.

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When the magnet rotates, alternating voltage is induced in the three coils. This makes it possible to measure the voltage on all three coils at the same time, and thus show the phase shift of the alternating voltage (sine curves).

The set contains:

473500 Coil holder, 1 pc. (contains instructions for the entire set-up)
462520 Coil 400 turns, 3 pcs.
463010 I-core laminated, 3 pcs.
332010 Round magnet on swivel bearing, 1 pc.
294635 Profile rail without riders, 1 pc.
294610 Rider, 2 pcs.
202500 Motor/generator, 1 pc.
203700 Drive belt pk. with 4 pcs., 1 pc.
Note that the black bushings for all three phases are connected (star connection). If you use an oscilloscope, it is therefore only necessary to connect one of these to the frame of the oscilloscope. If using data acquisition, it is recommended to connect each coil with two wires per sensor.

Alternator voltages are best displayed using data acquisition equipment for three simultaneous voltage measurements or a 4-channel oscilloscope (such as our 400105).

When the DC motor is supplied with the maximum voltage (12 V DC), each coil generates an AC voltage of approx. 5.6V.

The following equipment must also be used (not included):

Power supply (0-12 V DC)
Data acquisition equipment or oscilloscope