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Speed of Light

Very short but powerful pulses of light are emitted from the box. When the light pulses hit the special retroflective foil of the reflector they are directed back towards the source – with no need for tedious adjustments. Via a beamsplitter, the light pulses finally hit a high speed photodiode, converting them into electric pulses to be displayed on an oscilloscope. A separate synchronization signal marks the time of pulse emission and constitutes a reference for timing the pulses.

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Included are:
• Speed of light apparatus
• Power adapter
• Reflector screen
• English manual

The oscilloscope is not included.

An economy class, two channel, 25 MHz oscilloscope is usually OK, but better results are obtained with a 50 MHz or 100 MHz oscilloscope.

We offer two different oscilloscopes which work perfectly with the speed of light apparatus:
• 400100 – PC Oscilloscope 60 MHz
• 400150 – Benchtop Oscilloscope 60 MHz