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Smart Fan Accessory

Mounts directly to all PASCO carts to provide an constant force. When used with Smart Carts, a vast array of functionality and programmability is available. U.S. Patent No. 10,482,789

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What makes this fan so smart? If you use this fan on a regular cart, you can turn it on and select one of three speeds by pushing the button on the side. But plugging it into a Smart Cart gives this Smart Fan Accessory added capabilities:

Hands-off Operation: You can turn the Smart Fan on and off wirelessly from your computing device.

Adjust the Thrust: Move the slider in the software and watch the fan respond.

Reverse the Spin of the Fan: Input a negative thrust to make the fan blow in the opposite direction.

Set Start and Stop Conditions: Choose to start the fan when a measurement (such as Position) reaches a certain value. Make the fan stop after a certain time so the cart coasts during part of the experiment.

Sense and Control: Program the Smart Fan thrust to respond to a calculation based on sensor measurements, for example:

Thrust = -100*[Position]

This will cause the fan to blow harder as the cart moves down the track, causing the cart to reverse, and eventually the fan will reverse when the Position becomes negative, accelerating the cart in the positive direction.