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Smart Cart Curved Track System

Allows students to build hills and valleys for conservation of energy or oscillation experiments. The Smart Carts stream data directly to your computers, Chromebooks, iPads & iPhones or Android tablets and smartphones.

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This unique system has curved track that allows your students to build hills and valleys for Conservation of Energy experiments. Data is collected using the sensors onboard the Smart Cart. Unlike when Motion Sensors are used to track the cart, the Smart Cart does not have to be in the direct line of sight of the sensor, so it can go over hills. And, the Smart Cart is wireless, so no extra friction is introduced.

The curved and straight track pieces can be combined to form a step, so the cart starts out on a nearly level upper step, travels down the step, and ends on a level straight section. This makes measuring the change in height very easy.

During the experiments, the mass of the cart is varied to see what effect, if any, it has on the results.

Another configuration forms a potential well so the cart oscillates back and forth.

This versatile system can also be used for regular dynamics experiments such as impulse and Newton’s Second Law.