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Sense and Control Kit (without //control.Node)

Sense and Control Kit

Learn how to use sensors and programming to control devices such as lights and fans.

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The //control.Node Sense and Control Kit empowers students to design, create, and explore through code. This kit includes a //control.Node and accessories that students can use to turn on lights, run a cooling fan, open doors, launch rubber bands, and much more.

The kit also includes materials and instructions for six projects:

  1. Night Light
  2. Game with Meter
  3. Automatic Door Opener
  4. Thermostat-Controlled Fan
  5. Light-Activated Winch
  6. Remote Control Rubber Band Launcher

What’s Included
1x //control.Node (PS-3232)
1x //code.Node (PS-3231)
1x Servo Motor (SE-2975)
1x High Speed Stepper Motor (PS-2976)
1x USB Fan (PS-6206)
1x Lightbulb and Stand (EM-9099)
1x Motor Bracket and Stand
1x Power Output Module (PS-3324)
1x Small Magnet
1x Pulley
2x Electrical Wires
10x Rubber Bands
10x Jumbo Paper Clips for Servo Pushrods
1x Mounting Bolts and Nuts for Motors
1x House and Meter Paper Templates
1x Phillips Screwdriver

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