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Renewable Energy Kit

Students can investigate key concepts around energy transformation and factors that affect the efficiency of wind turbines and solar (photovoltaic) cells. The setup is easy and can be done in the classroom or lab for fast results.

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Using PASCO’s renewable energy kit,  students will be challenged to create a designs for solar and/or wind power that maximize energy output under explored sets of conditions. Students have full control of blade number, blade angles, electric loads, solar incidence, affect of dust on solar cells in order to find the optimal orientation for power generation. This is a great way to leverage the knowledge they’ve acquired for an engineering design challenge and bring STEM into your classroom.

What’s Included
6x 6″ Long turbine blades
6x 8″ Long turbine blades
6x STEM adapters for student designed blades
6x wooden dowels to attach student designed blades
1x Tall Tower
1x Weighted base
1x Nacelle with generator
1x 1 W Solar Cell
1x LED
1x buzzer
2x Patch Cords

Add PASCO’s voltage and current sensors, students can quantifiably: 

Demonstrate the effect of angle, light intensity, and temperature of solar cell output
Graph solar cell and wind turbine efficiency
Model how number of blades, length, pitch, and shape determine wind turbine power output
Explore concepts like energy transformation, power curves, and efficiency change in these conditions