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Plant cells, 12 microslides

Series of 12 selected preparations of different plant cell types. Supplied in a preparation box

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Epidermis Onion. Simple plant cells with cell walls, nuclei and cytoplasm
Mitosis (Root tip) Onion. Cell division in all stages. Longitudinal section
Meiosis (Pollen mother cells) Lily. Prophase in first cell division with thin thread-shaped chromosomes
Meiosis (Pollen mother cells) Lily. Metaphase and anaphase in first cell division with filaments and coiled chromosomes
Ved – Lind. Softened wood showing xylem and phloem
Sclerenchyma – Pear. Fruit with dead woody tissue. Cross section
Cork pores – Potato. Cork pores and starch grains. Cross section
Stem – Pumpkin. Showing medullary stipules with germ tube cells, spiral and ring-shaped vessel cells and sclerenchyma
Endosperm (Seed white) – Oil plant. With aleurone grains. Cross section
Dust button – Lily. Pollen sacs and pollen. Cross section
Fruit plant – Lily. Seed plant and germ sac. Cross section
Zygotes – Spirogyra (clutch algae). Shows mating stages and formation of mating spore (zygote)