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Physics Lab Station: Optics

The Physics Lab Station: Optics bundle is a lab-ready solution for performing a wide range of optics experiments – from introductory investigations of lenses to advanced experiments in Snell’s Law. It includes a Basic Optics Ray Table, a Light Source, Concave and Convex Mirrors, and various lenses and accessories.

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The included equipment mounts easily to a PASCO Dynamics Track or a 1.2m Optics Track (sold separately) for hassle-free alignment.

Ready-Made Optics Labs
This kit is complemented by a collection of ready-made experiments that can be downloaded for free from the Experiment Library. Each lab comes ready-to-use with editable student handouts, teacher answer keys, and helpful teaching tips.

Explore More Physics Phenomena
Pair this kit with any of our Physics Lab Stations to explore even more physics concepts.

Perform These Experiments
Spherical Mirror Reflection
Snell’s Law
Focal Length of a Converging Lens
Virtual Images
Telescope and Microscope

What’s Included
1x Concave/Convex Mirror (OS-8457)
1x Basic Optics Viewing Screen (OS-8460)
1x Basic Optics Ray Table (OS-8465)1x Basic Optics Light Source (OS-8470)
1x Dynamics Track Optics Carriages (Set of 4) (OS-8472A)
1x Basic Optics Geometric Lens Set (OS-8456)
1x Accessory Lens Set (OS-8519)