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Pelton turbine model

This Pelton turbine provides an opportunity to investigate how running water can be used to produce electricity to make an incandescent lamp or LED light up.

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In order to achieve the highest current production from the “turbine”, the water pressure from a tap should be used, thereby the “turbine” can produce a voltage level of approx. 3 – 4 V DC and a current of up to approx. 0.3 A.

Application: Let the water jet from the faucet run at full strength through the entrance hole and onto the turbine blades. The rotation from the paddle wheel causes a small electric generator to produce electricity.

Recommended bulbs: 425005 Incandescent bulb E10 1.5 V 90 mA or 425100 LED bulb 3-12 V E10.

The turbine can illuminate min. 3 x 425100 LED lamps connected in parallel connection.

The turbine housing is made of plexiglass and the turbine wheel is made of colored metal.

Dimensions of the turbine housing:

285 x 57 x ø165 mm.