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Motorised Drawbridge

Build this drawbridge from PASCO Structures, add a stepper motor and gears, and write code to raise and lower it. This bridge kit also includes a Wireless Load Cell/Accelerometer to measure forces within the bridge while it moves.

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Perform These Experiments
Build the drawbridge
Raise and lower the drawbridge
Measure forces in top and bottom beams
Measure support forces
Effect of the counterweight on motor acceleration
Effect of different gear ratios
Use the load cell as a limit switch
Operate the drawbridge in response to a signal

How It Works
Students build the drawbridge using step-by-step illustrated instructions. Then they use Blockly coding (embedded in PASCO’s Capstone or SPARKvue software) to program the drawbridge to raise and lower.
Three sets of gears allow students to investigate the effects of different gear ratios.
The Load Cell can be added to various places in the bridge to measure loads while the bridge moves. The load is displayed on a graph in real time.
The Load Cell can be used as a limit switch to stop the bridge movement when the bridge arm pushes on the load cell.
The speaker in the //control.Node can be programmed to beep or play music to warn when the bridge is going to move.
The accelerometer in the //control.Node can be used to control the drawbridge movement in response to a change in acceleration, such as simply turning the //control.Node upside-down.

What’s Included
1x //control.Node (PS-3232)
1x Wireless Load Cell and Accelerometer (PS-3216)
1x Low Speed Stepper Motor (PS-2978)
1x Gear Set (ME-7021)
1x Structures Counterweight (ME-7037)
8x Structures I-beam #1
10x Structures I-beam #2
3x Structures I-beam #3
9x Structures I-beam #4
10x Structures I-beam #5
18x Structures Connectors
100x Structures 6-32 Screws
4x Angle Connectors
2x Sliding Connectors
1x Structures Long Axle
1x Motor Mount
1x Shaft Spline Adapter
2x Structures Axle Bearings
1x Structures Spacer
1x Structures Collet
4x 4-40 x 1/2-inch Phillips Screws
1x Storage Box