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Micro-preparation set, zoology, 25 preparations

Basic set from the world of zoology.

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An overview of the preparations can be found under “documents” below and is designed so that it can be printed and cut out to fit in the box.

1. hydra/Hydra (freshwater polyp) longitudinal section
2. earthworm CS/ Earthworm, cross section
3. turbilar trasection
4. paramaecium WM/Shoefish, whole animal
5. daphnia WM/Water flea (Daphnia)
6. house fly root WM/. House fly
7. honey bee root WM/Honey bee.
8. house fly wing WM/Housefly wing
9. butterfly wing /Butterfly wing.
10. dragonfly wing
11. butterfly feeler
12. aphid
13. hydra through tastis
14. frog skin
15. frog blood smear
16. frog egg
17. mosquito mouth parts
18. leach CS
19. gill XS
20. feather
21. frog liver XS
22. butterfly WM mouth parts
23. house fly WM mouth parts House fly mouth parts
24. honey bee WM mouth parts/Honningbi mouth parts
25. hydra CS/Hydra cross section