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Meter Stick Optics Complete System

Meter Stick Optics Complete System

A starter optics system that mounts directly to a PASCO meter stick.

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PASCO’s Meter Stick Optics Complete System includes all of the components needed to explore essential optics topics like image magnification, lens focal length, real and virtual images, combination of lenses, and so much more! This simple but robust system is designed to fit directly onto the included PASCO Aluminum Meter Stick, making measurements of object distance and image distance easy and straightforward for students.

All the components, with the exception of the meter stick, fit in the included storage box. This cost-effective set offers an all-in-one alternative to traditional optics benches and meets all the needs of introductory optics lessons.


  • Bright, rechargeable LED light source
  • Lenses mounted in holders to protect from damage
  • Organized storage box for easy classroom management

What’s Included

1x Aluminum Meter Stick
1x Meter Stick Optics Light Source (OS-7054)
2x Meter Stick Optics Component Holder (OS-7055)
1x Meter Stick Optics Viewing Screen (OS-7056)
1x Lens, -150 mm
1x Lens, +100 mm
1x Lens, +200 mm
1x Storage Box

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