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Matter Model

The atoms of the Matter Model are brightly colored spheres with the bonds between the atoms modeled by springs, so that when forces are applied, the atoms can move in response.

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Typical Experiments
Normal Forces: Students can better understand normal forces when heavy objects are placed on the Matter Model and they see the deflection of the atoms in response.
Modeling a Solid: By constructing a matrix of spheres, students can build a model of matter that is dynamic and responds to external forces similarly to real solids.
Wave Properties: Students can investigate wave properties including reflection, wave speed and standing waves.
Atmospheric Pressure: By placing the atoms on the included brass rod and holding it vertically, students can better understand why atmospheric pressure and altitude are inversely related.

What’s Included
40x Atoms (4.5 g each)
60x Heavy, light and long springs
30x Nuts (to increase the atom mass)
1x 90 cm brass rod (for longitudinal waves)

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.