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High-Frequency, High-Power Function Generator

Function generator capable of wide frequency ranges and high output voltage – also with new step and sweep modes.

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Simple design

For basic use, you just operate two large buttons: one for frequency, one for amplitude. That’s it. If you want to change waveform or to utilize the new step and sweep modes, the display keeps you updated on the status of the generator.

Unique frequency control

The frequency is set by a speed sensitive button. Turn slowly to set the display’s last digit. Turn faster and the response accelerates softly. We have designed this function to work intuitively in practical experiments with common physics equipment.

Drive speaker and vibrators directly

The built-in 10 W power amplifier effortlessly drives power-consuming equipment such as a vibrator or speaker. The amplifier can deliver more than 1 A for all frequencies between 0.001 Hz and 100 kHz.

Advanced features

The generator connects to your PC through a standard USB cable. Custom defined waveforms (e.g. created by means of a spreadsheet) can be saved to the generator. Sequences of settings can be programmed for automatic execution.