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Gyroscope Wheel

Gyroscope wheel teaching aid for an unforgettable demonstration of gyroscopic motion, including precession, angular momentum and torque. Includes pull cord to access high angular velocity, and bungee cord to enable the demonstration of gyroscopic precession.

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A question every Physics student should know the answer to, is ‘why does a bicycle wheel stay upright when in motion?’

Explain this, and more with the Lascells Gyroscope Wheel.  Get the wheel spinning at high speed using the superior length pull cord to demonstrate torque, gyroscopic precession, and angular momentum.

With two options for the radial placement of masses, the effect of mass distance from rotation axis can be examined.

Mass can also be increased using the Additional Mass Set LA30-935 (not included).

Use the Rotary Table LA30-050 (not included) with your Gyroscope Wheel to perform the classic and unforgettable conservation of angular momentum demo, and revolutionise the way you teach rotational mechanics.

Key Features:

  • 4 m long pull cord
  • Included bungee cord for axial suspension
  • Label for video analysis timing
  • Change distance of masses from rotation axis