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Geiger counter – with the focus on ease of operation. The same as the well known 513600 but now in a black cabinet.

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Measurement periods: 1, 10, 60, 100 and 300 seconds.

The counter can perform both single measurements and repeated series. In the latter case, the last complete count in a full measurement period is displayed, while the new measurement counts up in a secondary display.

The device is silent when turned on, but two independent sound signals can be selected.

We have reintroduced the “genuine Geiger counter sound”, a click for each impulse registered from the tube.

It is also possible to select a small beep at the end of each measurement period.

The counter can be used with GM tubes with BNC or Jack connectors.

The GM voltage can be adjusted in the range 300 to 700 V, while the count is displayed.

A USB communication cable (512565) can be obtained as an accessory to allow the data to logged using the Datalyse software.

A cable with a Jack connector (512560), is also available if one wants to send 5 V impulses to data logging equipment or similar.

The device is supplied with 6 x 1.5 V AA batteries.

These offer battery life of several days.

Alternatively mains adapter 355050 can be used.

The counter turns itself off automatically after one hour of activity.