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General Flow Sensor with Venturi Tube

The General Flow Sensor with Venturi Tube determines fluid velocity by measuring the pressure difference between the two input tubes within a pipe network.

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In this apparatus, the Venturi Tube has pressure taps at the narrow diameter and the larger diameter. The General Flow Sensor connects to the Venturi Tube to measure the different pressures due to different fluid velocities. You supply the ¾ inch PVC pipe and the water. It is suggested that you connect the pipe to a faucet with flexible tubing and, at the other end, let the water flow into a bucket resting on a Force Platform (PS-2141). As the water flows, the velocity can be determined by the changing weight of the bucket as measured by the Force Platform.

The recommended interface is the SPARKlink Air because two ports are required and it is convenient to have a wireless interface so your laptop can be away from the water. However, two AirLinks (PS-3200) or a 550 or 850 Universal Interface will do as well.